Terms & Conditions

By hiring the Worldwide Studios premises you agree to the following Terms & Conditions


Worldwide Studios Terms & Conditions of Hire

General Terms

Bookings are confirmed upon payment.

Advertised prices are per hour and inclusive of GST.

Bookings must be of a minimum of 1 hour. We do not accept bookings with fractions of an hour. E.g. 1.5hr

We offer a 10% discount for bookings of 10 hours or more when the total fee is paid upfront.

Area and dimensions are approximate.

Public liability insurance available for ongoing bookings under contract.

Advertised prices are for dancing and fitness related classes, please contact us for functions and other activities.


Application of Hire

The Hirer must fill in and sign Worldwide Studios Terms & Conditions of Hire to request hire of Worldwide Studios’ premises. The Hirer undertakes to comply with the terms and conditions detailed in this document. Worldwide Studios may, at its discretion, refuse to accept any application for hire.


Confirmation of Hiring

All bookings will be confirmed upon full payment and will be included in our electronic system. Hirers will receive an automatic confirmation from this system; you must ensure that you have received the automatic confirmation and that the information of the booking is correct, including dates, times and the studio you want to book. This information should be bought with you on the day of your booking to resolve any issues that may arise.


Rental Payment

The full rental amount must be paid to secure the booking. Ongoing rentals can be invoiced monthly in some cases. Failing in complying with payment terms detailed in the booking invoice may result in Hirers risking cancellation of the desired booking.



The Hirer must obtain their own Public Liability Insurance Cover. You will be asked to provide a proof of such cover at the time of applying for the rent. Hirers are required to provide their own insurance for goods and/or services they offer, provide, sell or display.

Hirees who don’t hold their own Public Liability Insurance Cover will be required to agree to and sign a waiver.


Security Bond

Worldwide Studios may, at its discretion, require a Security Bond to be held for some bookings. The Security Bond will be held as security against damage and cleanliness of the premises, building, furniture and equipment, and as a guarantee for the fulfilment of the terms and conditions herein contained. If the premises are damaged or left in an unclean condition, Worldwide Studios retains the right to withhold part or all of the Security Bond towards cleaning and repair any costs; and, if required, the Hirer will be charged for any amount in excess of the Security Bond. The Security Bond will be held in Worldwide Studios’ account. The premises will be inspected the day after the hiring and the Security Bond will be refunded to the Hirer within 2 business days after the hiring date.



Worldwide Studios shall not be liable for any injury suffered at any function, nor for any loss or damage sustained by the Hirer or any person, firm or corporation entrusting to or supplying any article or thing to the Hirer by reason of such article or thing being lost, damaged or stolen. The Hirer hereby indemnifies Worldwide Studios against any claim by any such person, firm or corporation in respect of any such claim.


Studio Usage

Under no circumstances is the Hirer to use the premises for purposes other than the approved by Worldwide Studios.



Please note that we do not issue refunds unless we cancel the booking.

For cancellations requested with more than 48 hrs notice, we will credit the total amount of your booking to your account with us.

For cancellations requested with less than 48 hrs notice, the booking will be lost, and no credit issued.

For cancellations of bookings of 3 consecutive hours or more we require a minimum notice of 30 days.

All cancellations or changes to bookings must be done in writing.

Worldwide Studios may cancel any already agreed hire and return the bond and rent paid to the Hirer immediately if an alternative arrangement is not possible. Where possible Hirers will be given one month notice. The Hirer hereby agrees in that case to accept the same and to be held to have consented to such cancellation, and to abandon any claim (if any) at law in equity for any loss or damage in consequence thereof.


Key Collection and Return

The Hirer is to collect and return the key to the Studio Manager at 40/112 McEvoy Street, Alexandria. Arrangement for collection and return of the key is to be organised through Worldwide Studios’ management. Under no circumstances will the key be handed out prior to receipt of the full rental fee and Security Bond payment. Please note if the key is lost or not returned to Worldwide Studios’ management within the agreed timeframe, a $50 fee will be retained from the Security Bond.


Studio Equipment

All studios are equipped with a stereo system. Please note that the equipment must not be moved without permission and no objects are to be placed on top of the cabinet (especially not food or drinks).

Should you require any other equipment (eg chairs and tables) this must be requested at the time of application. After this point, we can not guarantee the availability of equipment. On occasions we are able to set these up for you for a small fee, please contact us to discuss further. Please note all required equipment must be returned to its rightful place where they were originally found.



The use of any portable, freestanding signs on or above any roadway, footpath or public place without prior approval is prohibited. Please ensure that the display of approved signage does not cause damage to the inside and/or outside of the building by nails, screws, adhesive fasteners or other attachments. Any repairs or cleaning to the building will be deducted from the Security Bond and/or billed to the Hirer.


Obligations of Hirer

1. All types of confetti ?are banned on premises.

2. Smoking is not permitted. If the smoke alarm goes off and the Fire Authorities come to the premises, the Hirer is liable to a $2000 fine.

3. The use of smoke machines is prohibited.

4. Alcohol is not permitted to be sold without the prior consent of Worldwide Studios and compliance with the requirements of the Liquor Licence Commission regulations. Any alcohol permitted on the premises must be consumed within the confines of the building.

5. The Hirer must make every endeavour to ensure guests park their vehicles in accordance with the displayed street signs on the surrounding areas.

6. All music must cease no later than 12 midnight and the premises are to be cleaned and vacated by no later than 1.00am.

7. The Studio Manager and any other person whom Worldwide Studios appoint must be granted free access to any or every part of the building during hiring hours.

8. The Hirer may arrange their own caterers, DJ, etc and no consent need to be given from Worldwide Studios.

Hirers are advised not to exceed the recommended studio maximum capacity of:

Studio 1: 150 people

Studio 2: 40 people

Studio 3: 10 people

10. Studio Hirers must keep to their allotted time slots and their allocated studio. Hirers must ensure that class warm up and warm down is allowed for in the studio booking time. Studios must be clean, tidy and vacated on the agreed end time.

11. The permissible noise levels shall comply with the relevant requirements of the Environment Protection Policy. The Hirer is to ensure that their use does not cause any disturbance to the peace and quiet of the neighbourhood and shall request guests to leave the premises in a quiet and orderly manner.

12. The provisions of the Licensing Acts, the Gaming Laws and all other Acts and Regulations of the State of New South Wales must be strictly observed by the Hirer and by all persons using the premises, and the Hirer shall be responsible, to see that this condition is observed and will be held liable by Worldwide Studios for any infringement thereof.

If the activities held during hiring hours involve participants who are under the age of 18 or classed as vulnerable adults the Hirer is responsible for ensuring that the relevant CRB checks been obtained.


Cleaning and Maintenance

Good order must be preserved at all times, and throughout the premises hired. The floor, walls, or any part of the building shall not be damaged by nails, screws, adhesive fasteners or other attachments.

We are particularly careful about our flooring, so please make sure any shoes, objects and/or materials that could cause any damage to the floor are not used in any circumstances.

The premises shall be left in a clean and orderly state and in accordance with the following cleaning requirements:

1. Sweeping of all hard floors, vacuuming and mopping where necessary;

2. Cleaning of all kitchen area, appliances and utensils;

3. All rubbish, including toilet rubbish, generated by the Hirer to be removed from the site;

4. All windows must be closed;

5. Lights and air conditioner must be turned off;

6. It is the Hirers responsibility to make sure that the caterer and/or cleaner hired abide by the above.

In the event that the premises are damaged or left in an untidy or unclean condition, then the repair, cleaning fee and/or removal of rubbish fee will be deducted from the Security Bond and the Hirer will be billed for any additional cleaning costs or repairs required.



Worldwide Studios collects personal information for the purpose of processing your application and ensuring compliance with these terms and conditions. If you do not provide this information, we may be unable to process your application.

Marketing & Publicity Guidelines

The Worldwide Studios logo may not be used in connection with any hire, unless you have a written permission from the Worldwide Studios management

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